Welcome to Artorful


Artorful is a Fast Growing Global Art Network for All Artists to Show, Socialize, and Sell for FREE.

Show your wonderful arts to the whole world through Artorful.

Socialize with new and old friends in the Artorful community and have fun.

Sell your arts with NO commission and fees charged by Artorful.


Services powered by Artorful also include:

- Artorful Wall Art: unique art printed on stretched canvas, mirror image on border and ready to hang

- Artorful Magazine: a digital service to promote Artorful artists and art across the world

- Artorful Streaming: a video-streaming service for all Artorful users to play in any business venue, studio, home, or anywhere as needed

- Artorful art competitions: a monthly art competition series with various themes including abstract, landscape, nature, pet, animal, color, etc.

- Artorful Hall of Fame: a hall of fame featuring winning artists from past art competitions (check Hall of Fame in the 3D virtual gallery)


Contact Us

We value your comments and welcome your questions and feedback.

General inquires: service@artorful.com

Or you can write us at:

1001 2nd Ave, #1091
New Hyde Park, NY, USA 11040

Important note: 
Please do not e-mail or mail any confidential and/or account information. 
Artorful is not liable for any acts or failures to act as a result of your e-mail.


What artists have said about Artorful?

"Thanks to Artorful team for such a wonderful platform and support extended to artists!"

"Thank you again for giving me this good opportunity to help me promote my art!"

"Thank you for connecting with me and introducing your website. Nice to see new wonderful art platforms emerging!"

"I loved this platform and I'm going to join this, for sure!"

"It's a wonderful network to belong to."

"Since I came to this platform, I got the opportunity to see many works of contemporary artists. This is really an artistic feast, especially the competition. It is great!"

"Very professional in any category of the gallery, means presentations, promotions and selling artworks."

"Artoful is full of art and heart."

"Very reliable, unique, easy to explore."

"Wonderful, because i love it."



Frequently Asked Questions


* I just signed up. What's next?

After you sign up, Artorful will send a confirmation message to the email you used to sign up.

Please check your inbox (also spam folder if needed), find the confirmation message, and click the link to confirm your email address so as to activate your account.


I am a newly registered user and also confirmed my email address. What can I do after I login?

- Post art: post you wonderful art and show them to the whold world. 

- Explore posts: take a look at recent posts from other users, make some friends and follow some as you like.

- What’s New: get updates on your friends’ new posts, comments, likes, etc.

- Profile setting: fill in more information about your profile, set up notifications and privacy preference, etc.

How to post your art 


* How can I edit/delete a post?

If you are in the homepage, click the top right corner of your own post and a three dot button will show up. Click the button and select "Edit post" to edit the description of your post, and select "Delete post" to delete it after you confirm it.

If you are in your profile page, click the post you would like to edit or delete. Click the three dot button on the bottom right corner and select "Go to post". Your post will be opened in a new page where you can click the three dot button on the botton right corner and select "Edit post" to edit the description of your post, and select "Delete post" to delete it after you confirm it.

How to edit/delete a post 


* How can I join an art competition hosted by Artorful?

We have made it super easy to join Artorful art competition.

As long as you include the hashtag (e.g. #Pets2021, #Nature2021, etc.) in the art description, your art will be automatically included in the competition.

How to join an art competition | How to use hashtags correctly


* How can I share my Artorful portfolio with my friends?

Your Artorful portfolio is located at: https://www.artorful.com/{your username}. 

For example, if your username is johnsmith, your portfolio URL will be: https://www.artorful.com/johnsmith


* How to post my art for sale on Artorful?

We have made it super easy to sell your art on Artorful.

When you post an art for sale, please include hashtag "#forsale" together with product details (e.g. pricing, shipping, etc.) in the desciption part. Potential buyers will use the $ sign button besides your post to directly negotiate purchasing details with you. There is NO commission and fees charged by Artorful for your sales through Artorful.

How to sell my art | Best practice to sell art on Artorful


* I am interested in an art. How can I negotiate the purchasing details?

Artorful has integrated the purchase initiation directly with the art post. 

If you are interested in an art and would like to negotiate the purchase details, please directly find the $ button besides the art, and directly connect with the artist through private messaging.

How to start negotiating the purchasing details


* How can I become a verified user?

Go to your profile settings, click “Verification”, fill in information, and send in your verification request for review.


* How can I become a business account?

Go to your profile settings, click “Business account”, fill in information, and send in your verification request for review.

* I have a business account approved. How can I post ads on Artorful?

If you are an approved business account, you will find a link of “Artorful for Business: manage your ads and check your wallet” right below the “Profile Settings” button in your profile page. 

Click the link and you will be able to view current ads, wallet balance, and create a new ads request. You will need to add $ amount to your wallet before your ads gets approved and go live.


* How can I sign out?

In your profile page, click the three dot button behind your username and select “Logout”.


Artorful Solutions for Business

Use Artorful to help increase your brand awareness, acquire new customers, and broaden your reach in the niche of Art market. 

Artorful is a fast growing art network with thousands of artists, thousands of arts posted, ten of thousands of users from 160+ countries across the world.

Artorful offers 2 solutions for business:

  • Self Service Solution

- Targeted ads defined by users

- Ads randomly served in posted art stream or the sidebar on Artorful homepage through Artorful ads engine

Price: $0.01 per impression or $2.00 per click
Check it out now

  • Managed Service Solution:

- Ads link directly featured on the homepage

- Ads served in the sidebar of the homepage

Price: $150 USD per week

Any questions, please contact John (customer service @Artorful) at service@artorful.com. Or you can directly message him by clicking the following link: Send John a message 



Invest in Artorful

Artorful is a startup launched in March 2021 in Delaware US aiming to build an Art Network for all Artists to Show, Socialize, and Sell for FREE. 

If you are a seed investor and would like to join the effort, please reach out to our founders at IcerayInnovations@gmail.com.

We would love to connect and see whether there is a fit.